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My teleconference number isn't working
Last Updated 4 years ago

Please note with the new iBoomerang GP7, we will no longer support GP5 and any of the free telephone bridges effective April 1, 2020.

GP5 Teleconference Information

Alternate Teleconference Number


How to switch to a Backup Number during a conference

If you are experiencing issues with your primary teleconference number you may use the backup numbers provided above. In case of emergency please follow the instructions below to insure a successful transition to a new teleconference.

  1. Determine a new teleconference number by using the backup number provided above.
  2. Notify all (if any) callers on primary teleconference line of new dial in number and access code.
  3. While hosting a Web Conference use the chat feature located on your web conference tool to notify guests currently joined in a web conference of the new teleconference line and access code.
  4. Open a Text document (example: word doc/ text editor) and display the new teleconference number and access code while hosting the web conference so all new guests will be notified upon arrival of web conference.
iBoomerang provides basic audio conferencing services a "Free Bridge" service. The phone number dialed by each participant; is considered a long distance number. iBoomerang provides the access to this free service for convenience. The "Free Bridge" services are not under the control of iBoomerang. Some phone carrier's do not allow "Free Bridge" phone numbers using their service.

Teleconference Instructions:

**Teleconference Host Feature Keys (accessed by pressing star (*) instead of (#) pound after entering the Access Code


  1. Dial teleconference number
  2. Enter in 9-digit access code
  3. For Host Options press (*) after access code has been entered
Host Teleconference Options:

Press (*) before each command

*2: Count – gives number of participants in the call

*3: Exit the conference

*4: Conference instructions

*5: Listen only modes – host-controlled muting

  • Press *5 once – All callers are muted and can unmute themselves by pressing *6
  • Press *5 twice – All callers are muted and they cannot unmute themselves.
  • Press *5 three times – All callers are unmuted.
*6 Mute/Unmute – caller-controlled muting

*7 Secured/Unsecured – stop callers from entering

*8 Tone controls (sounds when people enter and leave)

Guest Teleconference Options

Press (*) button before each command

*3 Exit the conference call

*4 These conference instructions

*6 Mute/Unmute – caller controlled muting

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