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Request Mic in Premium VoiP/Recording Web Conference Tool
Last Updated 4 years ago

This feature is available only in the Premium VOiP/Recording Web Conference Tool.

The Host can select from a drop down menu on the 2nd microphone icon to 'Ignore Mic Request', 'Open By Request', allow 'Single Mic' or 'Multiple Mics', or allow hand raises.


The host will see the guest appear in the Participant List when the join the meeting. That can be viewed by clicking the list icon.

When the guest wants to speak, they click Ask Mic button


The host can then click on the microphone next to the guest's name in the Participant list. The microphone will go from being grayed out to red. When the microphone is in red that guest can speak.
When the guest has finished speaking, the host should close the microphone by clicking on the microphone again. It will change from red to grayed out.

Note: It is not recommended to have multiple microphones open at the same time as an echo can be introduced into the meeting.

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