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What happens to my recordings if I downgrade, cancel my account or my account is suspended because my credit card expired/was declined?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Once your account is canceled and the billing anniversary date is reached, you will no longer be able to play or download your recordings. Because of this, we highly recommend that you download any recordings that you need BEFORE the actual cancellation date. The recordings are saved in the recordings trashcan for an additional thirty (30) days after an account is canceled so you will have 30 days from the cancellation date to re-purchase a Premium plan in order to access your recordings again if needed (they must be moved out of the trashcan in order for them to be view-able). Important: You will need to remove all of the recordings from the recordings trashcan once the account is upgraded. Failure to do so will result in the recordings being deleted after the thirty day period. If no action is taken within the thirty days after the cancellation date your recordings are permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

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