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Where do I edit or make a new template in E-mail Marketing +?
Last Updated 2 years ago

To edit a template, login to your iBoomerang backoffice. Select your Email Marketing+ Tool. Select 'Templates'. To edit a 'Company Template' select the template you wish to edit. It right corner select 'edit template' Then select 'save template'. This template will then be saved to 'my template' area. Select 'my templates' find the template you wish to edit. Select 'edit template' on upper right of screen. Make the necessary changes and select 'save template'.

To create a template to to 'Templates' select 'My Templates' Select 'Create Template' in upper right corner. Name the template and give it a subject. On left hand side select 'Add Banner'. This will take you to the library to select a banner. Select a banner folder from which to choose your banner. Select the banner in upper right corner select 'Add To Template" Create the body of your template utilizing the word processing tool bar. When complete select 'Save Template' in upper right corner.

You can find additional information under 'Templates' in the User Guide.

Watch a training video on editing and saving 'Company Templates' as 'My Templates' here

Watch a training video on creating and editing 'My Templates" here

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