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Setting Up Email in the Contact Management Tool
Last Updated 4 years ago

To set up your email in the Contact Management Tool you will need to follow these steps:

1. Log into the Contact Management Tool
2. Click on the Emails Tab
3. Click on settings
4. Click Mail Accounts
5. Start with the Outgoing Server
6. Click on Add
7. Type in the name for the account
8. Type in the SMTP server
- If you are with an agency and using send grid type in mail.(agency name).net
- For the SMTP Port type in 2525
- Click on SMTP Authentication
- Type in the user name which is your full agency email address
- Type in your password
- Select TLS in the Enable SMTP over SSL or TLS
9. For the incoming server
- Click on add
- Type in the mail account name
- Type in the username which is the full agency email address
- Type in the password
- Type in the mail server address which is mail.(agency name).net
- Select IMAP in the mail server protocol
- Mail server port should be 143
- Add the trash folder and click on select
- Choose deleted
- Click on done
10. Click Done
11. Refresh the page so that the changes take effect

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